Bangles Indian Jewelry Bangles Middle East Female Wedding Gifts

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  • Set of Two Guayish

  • Extremely durable: High quality metal, no fading, durable and sturdy for use.
  • Crafted with thoughtful designs by specialists with great accessories experience to make the result dazzling.

Jewellery Care Tips

  • Apply Perfume, Lotion, etc, before wearing Jewellery.
  • Do not wear Jewellery while Swimming or Bathing.
  • Do not wear Jewellery while Exercising.
  • Remove your Jewellery before going to Sleep.
  • Always store your Jewellery in a Box or a Pouch.
  • Clean your Jewellery with a Soft Cloth.

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Product Details:

Material: Chinese Gold
Style: Bracelet
Product Code: C2351170

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